Welcome to Djurviks Gästgård

Djurvik is situated on the south of Åland and has the sea as its closest neighbour. There are swans and ducks in the bay, and an old pike may lie in wait among the reeds. A sauna and a house for grilling are located close to the beach. There is a rowboat and two kayaks for rent. The large lawn invites both young and old to play.

This is a place for recreation. Watching the sea always gives new strength, on a sunny summer day as well as on a stormy day in the autumn.

Here, you will be able to walk in the woods, go for a swim, row, go out canoeing ... or just relax. Djurviks Gästgård is situated in rural surroundings, but close to Mariehamn, the capital of the Åland Islands.

Djurviks Gästgård is open 1.5-31.10.

Djurviks Gästgård is run by the Jansson family, which consists of Harry and Birgitta and our daughters Ida, Elsa and Olivia. We live within the area and it´s easy to contact us if there is something you wonder at.


Harry, Birgitta, Ida, Elsa and Olivia

Gottbyvägen 420, AX-22 130 Gottby, Åland
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