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Djurviks Gästgård
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About us


Harry was born in Jomala, the community in which Djurviks Gästgård lies. He holds a master in political science from Åbo Akademi. Since nine years he is a member of Åland's Lagting, the parliament of our autonomous island. In the summer he is our grounds keeper at Djurviks Gästgård. In his free time he likes to jog and often plays tennis.



Birgitta was born in Mariehamn and was raised on Åland. She qualified with a degree in computer science from Uppsala University, but this career at Djurvik suits her better with the upkeeping of the log cabins. She has so many interests it's hard to mention them all! She swims, walks, cycles and goes ice skating in the winter when there is ice. Perhaps one of her greatest interests, however, is music. When she was younger, she played the saxophone and piano. She taught herself the violin. She is also interested in photography.


Ida lives in Lund in Sweden and she studies political science to became a doctor. She likes both the studies and the student life. Ida has many interests. She plays violin exceptionally well. She used to play also the trombone. She also rides but this is harder for her because she very seldom has the time or money for this.


Elsa studies in Uppsala and in June she will be a teacher. Elsa likes sports exercises often. She spends the summers on Åland and next summer she plans to start a cafeteria. So if you come and see us then you can perhaps enjoy her  freshly baked buns. 


Olivia is the youngest sister and she goes in the high school in Mariehamn. She has many hobbies. She started to play the violin when she was 4 years old and she has played the trumpet for 7 years. She also likes to play tennis and has ridden horses for many years. Olivia also takes care of the family's cats Hasse and Nisse.

Gottbyvägen 420, AX-22 130 Gottby, Åland
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